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The other day I found goat meat at the grocery store and somehow it ended up in my cart…

The goat meat was shin steaks, bone-in stewing meat perfect for an Indian curry.

I made Goat Curry with Five Whole Spices and served it along with a daal, basmati rice, and paratha. The curry was quite good. I noticed the spices were similar in many ways to Mexican cooking, excepting perhaps the ginger and cardamom.

There was leftover goat curry.

I had a few fennel bulbs in the fridge (as you do) and a thought came to me: why not make a slaw out of the fennel and make goat curry tacos?

I know what you’re thinking: “Wait a minute… Goat curry and fennel tacos?” Yep. Trust me.

I thought the fennel would pair well with the goat curry and I came across an excellent Fennel Slaw Recipe. I omitted the cabbage from the recipe and suggest substituting fresh coriander (cilantro) for the parsley, as this is for a Mexican taco, after all.

I warmed up a few corn tortillas on a plancha and dinner was served!

The flavours worked together. The fennel slaw was a good contrasting taste and texture for the goat curry.