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Metservice issued a Sever Weather Warning for the Wellington Region for severe northwest gales, with gusts reaching to 120km/hr in exposed places.  We decided to go for a drive around Miramar Peninsula and watch the gale force winds and waves along the beach…

First, we drove along the southern tip of the Miramar Peninsula, to Tarakena Bay, to see the leeward side of the peninsula and the entrance to Wellington Harbour (Port Nicholson).


Occasionally, the swells would come in at just the right angle and crash against the rocky shoreline.


We noticed the Interislander ferry approaching from the west, so waited and watched as the ferry entered the harbour.  The swells were not too bad today, but we later found out this was the last ferry sailing of the day as they were cancelled due to high winds in the harbour.

We left Tarakena Bay and drove through Wellington Airport, then north, along the east side of Evans Bay, to Shelly Bay.


The windward side of Miramar Peninsula.  The northerly gales were really howling into Evans Bay.  We drove further north along Shelly Bay Road and parked at the Chocolate Fish Cafe.


At this point, waves were crashing against the seawall, sending thick sprays of water onto the road.  We turned around and headed back south.


Keep in mind, these swells are generated within the harbour, not from open ocean.


Pretty impressive wind!