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My wild sourdough culture is mature enough to bake with.

A couple days ago I mixed up a batch of sourdough pizza dough, divided into six portions, and placed them in the fridge to cold ferment.  Last night, after 48 hours cold fermentation, I made two pizzas.

These pizzas were cooked in a conventional static electric home oven, baked on a 1/2 inch Baking Steel after allowing the oven to preheat on “high” for one hour.



Pizza Margherita:  Baked for about 6 minutes, with the oven switched to “grill” during baking.

After 48 hour cold fermentation, the dough is already fairly easy to stretch and not too elastic.  The cornicione exhibits excellent oven spring and browning from the long fermentation.  There was slight leopard spotting on the crust.


Pizza con Prosciutto Cotto e Funghi:  This pizza baked for about 8 minutes with the oven switched to “grill” during baking.

Shaved Champagne Ham and White Button Mushroom.  The ham was a bit lost on the pizza, possibly because I used a bit more mozzarella than I usually use.  The mozzarella contained quite a bit of moisture, and that, combined with the moisture of the ham may have contributed to the longer baking time.  The cornicione exhibited excellent oven spring and browned nicely.  The crust had light leopard spotting, better than the first pizza, no doubt from the longer baking time.

I will bake more pizza tonight.  Even after 48 hours the dough was mature.  It will be interesting to see how tonight’s pizzas turn out.  I hope the dough has not lost too much extensibility…