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I have been feeding my sourdough culture for a while now and it has a very nice floral nose to it and good acidic flavour.  Time to bake!

First, I baked these scones the other day – yeah, yeah, I know… Not sourdough. These scones were eaten with great relish, topped with blackberry jam and clotted cream, served with tea, as you do.



Back to the bread…

I mixed up two batches of sourdough yesterday, one for pizza (6 portions, currently cold fermenting in the fridge…) and one batch which I formed into 2 boules, retarded overnight, and baked this morning.


I waited for the boule to cool for one hour before slicing into it.  Honest.


Still warm from the oven.  Delicious all by itself, or, slathered with butter.

Breakfast is ready!