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I was on a mission today to find skirt steak.

At the grocery stores here in NZ, what they call “skirt steak” is actually flank steak – an entirely different bit of cow.  When you ask the butcher at the meat counter, they tell you that’s all they get, boxed meat.  That is not acceptable!

What I needed was a proper butcher, someone who fabricates a whole side of beef.  As it turns out, there is a proper butcher just down the street.  But, would a Kiwi butcher know about skirt steak?  Only one way to find out.

I walked down to the butcher shop and asked for skirt steak.  He said, “just a minute” as he opened the door to the walk in cooler.  A moment later he returned with a package and handed it to me, “This is what you want.”

Indeed.  There it was:  skirt steak.

A proper skirt steak.

A proper skirt steak.

As it turns out, the butcher fabricates beef on Monday and Wednesday and I showed up just in time to buy the last one.  Lucky, as there are only four skirt steaks per animal.

Time to fire up The Mighty Hibachi!


Yeah, I know, the meat is already grilled.  I was paying so much attention to grilling the meat, I forgot to take a photo of the meat sizzling away over the coals.  You’ll just have to trust me.

I suppose now I’ll have to fire up The Mighty Hibachi another time, so I can take a couple pictures to share with you.

I heated a few corn tortillas on the plancha and made some fresh guacamole.  I would typically make these tacos with two tortillas per taco, but I did not have very many tortillas, so I went with a single tortilla.  Get over it.


Are you hungry?