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A couple weeks ago I participated in a Persian cookery workshop at Cook The Books.  In class, we made a Za’atar, a spice mix consisting of sesame seeds, dried marjoram, dried oregano, sumac, dried thyme, and sea salt.  Sumac has a citrus taste that I thought would go very well with fish.

I picked up fresh trevally fillets and a bag of baby spinach.

I made a potato salad with new season potatoes, capers, red onions, and olive oil.

The trevally fillets were rinsed with cold water and dried with kitchen paper, then seasoned with a liberal sprinkling of Za’atar.  The fillets were gently panfried in butter until just translucent (do not overcook!), removed from the pan, and kept warm.

The baby spinach was then tossed into the same pan and wilted in the seasoned butter, then plated.