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Chestnuts are available in stores now. I have tried roasting chestnuts a couple times now. It is all new to me, as I did not grow up with roasted chestnuts.

I asked Gaby how to roast them, as she gew up in Europe, where you can buy roasted chestnuts from street vendors. She said to “roast them until they’re burned.”

The last time I attempted to roast them, I cut an “X” across the flat side with a chestnut knife. Gaby said that wasn’t right. She said to cut them across the flat side. That’s what I thought I did…

I watched a video on YouTube where a street vendor in Rome had cut around the perimeter of each chestnut and they looked split and wonderfully plump. This time I cut the chestnuts around the perimeter and put them in the roasting pan.

I roasted these chestnuts for about 15 minutes over a low flame and gave the pan a jiggle every now and again.

“Are they done?”, I asked Gaby.

“Are they burned?”, Gaby replied.

“They popped open”, I answered, as I removed them from the heat.

They were still a bit hard and very difficult to peel. They were not done.

Next time, I’ll cut them across the flat side and roast them until they’re burned.