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I picked up some wild boar sausage at the market. I diced a small onion and softened it in extra virgin olive oil over a gentle heat until translucent, then added a diced Serrano chile from The Potted Kitchen Garden and cooked them together until they got happy in the pan.

I removed two Wild Boar Sausages from their natural casings and crumbled them into the pan and gently sautéed until lightly browned, breaking up any larger bits of sausage as it cooked.

In a separate bowl, I hand crushed two 400g tins of tomatoes and added that to the pan with a healthy pinch of sea salt. I brought the sauce to the boil, then reduced to a gentle simmer until thickened and adjusted for salt. The tomatoes are only lightly cooked, as I wanted a light fresh tomato sauce to go with the boar.

Whilst the sauce was reducing, I cooked the Mezzi Rigatoni in salted, boiling water until al dente.

I drained the pasta and put it back in the pan with a bit of reserved pasta water and added the Wild Boar Tomato Sauce, stirring over a low heat until the pasta was well coated, and served in warm bowls with a side of garlic bread.