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I noticed a few Anaheim chiles were ready to pick in The Potted Kitchen Garden.

Time to make chiles rellenos!

I spent some time perusing my cookbooks for inspiration and came across an enticing recipe for Pork Stuffed Chiles In A Savory Tomato Sauce in Authentic Mexican, by Rick Bayless.

I have made chiles rellenos before with a Picadillo sauce and my mouth was watering.

It had to be done.

As it turns out, there is a great food blogger that enjoys the recipe as much as I do. The recipe for Chiles Rellenos at The Paupered Chef follows Rick Bayless’ recipe fairly close and has heaps of great photos.

I have enough Picadillo and savory tomato sauce for more rellenos and there are plenty of Anaheim chiles getting happy in The Potted Kitchen Garden…