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I walked down the street to the fish & chip shop to buy a couple of fresh fish fillets for dinner. They were sold out of fish, so I walked over to the butcher’s shop to buy some pork schnitzel.

I glanced at the shop window from the outside and noticed they had pork schnitzel. I walk inside. I looked at the meat case inside. My eye caught sight of a standing rib roast. I forgot about the pork schnitzel.

Standing rib roast. Hmm… That’s a primal cut, a bone-in ribeye. It just happens to be one of the best cuts of meat to grill… I had the butcher cut the standing ribeye into 2 2-inch bone-in ribeye steaks. These steaks cried out for grilling over hardwood charcoal.

I set up the mighty hibachi for direct grilling over hardwood charcoal (no other choice, really). These steaks were so good they called for nothing more than a bit of olive oil and a liberal sprinkling of salt & pepper. I grilled the steaks medium rare and served them with grilled asparagus, marinated cannellini beans, and a dinner salad. Absolutely delicious.