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Before I get to crumpets, here is a photo of yesterday’s Tartine sourdough boule, fresh from the oven…

Time for another sourdough adventure. Today’s challenge was to make sourdough crumpets. It was a great opportunity to use my cool 100mm diameter stainless steel egg rings.

I made the batter to recipe, which included two teaspoons of sugar. Next time I will omit the sugar, as the batter tended to burn a bit by the time I pulled the rings and turned them over. No real need for the sugar as the long fermentation of the leaven provides good flavour. I will omit the sugar next time.

These sourdough crumpets are delicious hot from the griddle, even without any toppings. They can also be toasted later on. I ate a few… and put the rest in the freezer. I’ll definitely be making these again.