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The other day the weather forecaster said our weather had transitioned to a Spring weather pattern. Translation: Frequent storms out of the west, preceded by warmer Northerlies and followed by colder Southerlies. It’s been a pretty wet year. It’s been pretty wet for the last two years, in fact. At least Spring should be a bit warmer, if not less wet.

Signs of Spring are popping up all around. Bulbs have been flowering around One Tree Hill for the past few weeks. The cows calved a couple weeks ago.

Newborn lambs frolic around the paddocks. Morgan was keen to have a play.

That reminds me… Yesterday morning, whilst walking Morgan, I spoke to a neighbour who mentioned he had a spit…

Yesterday was a bit wet; a good day for baking. I set about mixing up a batch of sourdough. By late afternoon, bulk fermentation complete, I shaped two boules, placed them in banneton and put them in the fridge to retard final fermentation overnight.

This morning I was up at 5 AM (I slept in!) and baked off two sourdough boules. I always love the smell of fresh baked sourdough. Delicious.

This time I froze one boule as soon as it cooled. I wrapped it well in aluminium foil and plastic wrap. We’ll see how it does when I pull it from the freezer in a few days.

In the meantime, I simply couldn’t resist cutting off a thick, almost custardy, slice of bread, still warm from the oven. Someone had to do it.