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Morgan and I walked around the volcano the other day and we passed a paddock with cows and their newborn calves.

I got to thinking about beef and was inspired to bake another batch of light brioche hamburger buns.

Last year we had a pretty good crop of jalapeños. We ate our fill and there were still plenty left, so I picked the remainder, fire roasted them, and stuck them in the freezer. They freeze well and it’s very easy to pull a few out of the freezer when you want them and pop them in a hot oven for a few minutes to defrost. I sliced a couple and topped the burgers with them.

I like to keep my burgers simple. This burger had mayonnaise, red onions, cheddar cheese, jalapeños.

I like my burgers coarse ground and medium rare – warm enough to melt the fat in the grind and create a juicy burger.

Not too bad. I would prefer the cheese to be a bit more melted, so next time I’ll leave them under the broiler for a longer time. I chose an aged cheddar (Vintage), which is a good sharp cheese, but it ended up overpowering the jalapeños. I may try a more mild flavoured cheese with good melting qualities next time. Havarti, perhaps? The light brioche buns are good and can handle the burger juice just fine without being chewy.