A few days ago our washing machine stuffed itself.

This afternoon the repairman came out from Noel’s Appliance World to look at our machine.

He looked at the washing machine and concluded, “The timer is stuffed.”

He said, “These particular machines (Whirlpool Front Loaders) are known for their particularly bad timers.”

He did not have the part with him, informed me he would have the office look up the part, and charged me $70.00 for the visit.

“There may also be other problems; but”, he said, “It looks like it is probably the timer that’s causing the problems.”

I asked him, “How much do you think a replacement timer would cost?”

He estimated, “Somewhere between $170-250, not including labor (another $35).”

He said, “We would not charge an additional $70.00 callout fee for the second visit.”

I said,” It doesn’t sound like it’s worth it to fix this machine.”

“If it costs anything over $200 total, you would be better off buying a new machine,” he suggested.

I asked him, “how old is the machine?”

He looked at the serial number and figured it was made in 1994.

I said, “In that case we paid too much for it as a used washing machine at $600.”

“Yep” was his reply.

The repair shop just called to give me a quote for what it would cost to buy and install the part.

She said, “$430.00.”

I just laughed.

She said, “You shouldn’t laugh like that.”

I said, “That must be about 1/3 the original price of the new machine.”

And laughed.

She asked me, “Would you like to go ahead and repair the machine?”

I just laughed.

And laughed.

And said, “No, thank you.”