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Warning – the contents of this post may be a bit graphic for some people.

So, this morning I was chopping wood for kindling. Somehow I managed to place my thumb between the wood and the axe – so, off to the 24 hour clinic we went.

The doctor commented on how sharp the axe was – it easily and cleanly cleaved through my thumbnail and most of the tip of my thumb. The doctor described the laceration as a “partial amputation.” I thought “thumbputation” would be more appropriate. I watched curiously as the doctor poked repeatedly around my thumb, injected drugs to numb the pain, then searched for a large, curved stitching needle and thread. My thumb swelled and blood oozed from the multiple injections, but I was thankful for the quickening numbness. The doctor deftly pushed the needle into the side of my thumb and out through the detatched bit at the end, tying off with what appeared to be a double overhand knot. I mentioned to the doctor this was my first experience with stitches, to which he responded, “Congratulations!” I then mentioned I didn’t think I would need a repeat.

When the doctor left a nurse then came by and finished up by cleaning and bandaging my thumb. So, now I need only wait 10 days before I can remove my stitch!

22 May Update: This morning I changed the bandages and thought I would include an image of my thumb. WARNING: This is a graphic image.