On 13 January, we took Gaby’s mother Nelda with us to Kaikura for a day trip.

On this trip we decided to try something new for lunch, and stumbled upon a Malaysian Restaurant located on the main road at the north end of town. This restaurant (at the moment I forget the name) serves some of the best Indian/Malaysian food I have ever had. When we were finished with our meal, Nelda went to the kitchen to complement the chef of the small, family run restaurant. It was then that we learned we were dining on the last day this restaurant would be open before being shut down for a year while undergoing a move and renovation! Supposedly they will open back up in the new main shopping center at the north end of town near the New World.

The weather was once again great and we had a great view looking south from the Kaikura peninsula.

The small downtown section of Kaikura.

This is a cryptic sign warning visitors to keep away from the animals – at leat 10 meters. I think the picture shows a person holding a pair of binoculars?

Looking north from Kaikura you see the Kaikura Ranges.

The birds enjoyed the sunshine while relaxing on the parked vehicles.