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On slopes of the ridges surrounding Heathcote Valley there is a walking track called the Scotts Valley Track, which meanders across the valley slopes around our house. In late Septemper, 2006 we decided to check out the track.

The carpark for the track is just a few blocks down Bridle Path Road.

The start of the track is rather steep, but the views are worth it! Along the ridgeline, Mt. Cavendish is on the left and Castle Rock is on the right.

The trail passes through an old abandoned stone quarry.

The floor of the valley is where Heathcote is, and the top of the ridge runs along Mt. Pleasant. It’s the area between the valley floor and the ridgeline which constitutes the reserve.

There were groups of these small, colourful flowers along the track.

The yellow flowers seemed to be abundant along the slopes.

These are our neighbors. They have a voracious appetite. We can often hear their occasional bleating from the house.

A view of Heathcote Valley from the Scotts Valley track. The large building in the center is the old maltworks.

The track mostly traverses the slope as it heads towards the Bridle Path.

To the north Heathcote Valley opens up to an estuary.

Near the juncion with the Bridle Path, the Christchurch Gondola heads to the summit of Mt. Cavendish.

The Scotts Valley track ends at the Bridle Path, and a short walk back down to our house. The Bridle Path is the original route over the Port Hills to Lyttelton Harbour. The Bridle path is also a nice track.