When we found out Jack Black and Tenacious D was performing a live concert here in Christchurch we thought the opportunity was too good to pass up. Last night’s concert was awesome. True to form, a couple days ago Jack Black was walking around Cathedral Square and happened to hear a couple of young musicians (buskers) rocking out and asked them to be his opening act! These kids were great. They played a great set of classic rock and the crowd went wild for them. Once Tenacious D took the stage they ramped up the rock with their accoustical guitars and the concert took off from there. The whole house was rocking when the duo was joined by electric guitar, bass guitar and drums, and we were treated to a full and very capable display of rock and roll. Tenacious D’s Pick of Destiny is a great journey through rock and roll history. Those folks who have listened to rock for many years will appreciate Tenacious D’s thoughtful integration of playing styles and their homage to those who came before. Black’s creative lyrics and playing are a great tribute to the greats of rock and roll. The set and theatrics were also top notch; the production was well done. Jack Black is in town to promote this week’s New Zealand release of his latest film The Pick of Destiny and an album and live concert tour is a natural progression for this great duo. If you have the chance to see Tenacious D in concert go for it!

I just have one thing to say: Tenacious D rocks!