When we left the US for New Zealand we had to leave behind our beloved guinea pig Salazar (guinea pigs are not on the list of acceptable animals allowed entry to New Zealand). Salazar is an older loving guinea pig and we were sorry we couldn’t take him with us. Fortunately we have a dear friend named Fenella in Southern California who agreed to take in our guinea pig. Fenella runs a fantastic guinea pig and small animal rescue called Wee Companions in San Diego.

As it turns out, Salazar was an eligible bachelor and during his stay at Fenella’s he was keen about building a relationship with a beautiful female guinea pig named Cinnamon. We are happy these two guinea pigs have found each other! Wee Companions recently published a poster showing Salazar and Cinnamon together to help increase awareness of their pet adoption efforts.

Gaby and I both really enjoyed the friendship of our beloved guinea pigs and we look forward to the time when we can once again have a guinea pig or two as an addition to our family. We would also like to thank Fenella and Wee Companions for their loving support of Salazar – Thank you Fenella!

“If a pet is what you desire/
Consider adoption as a buyer.”