You may notice Te Toroa: The Wandering Albatross has a little different look to it (at least, I hope you noticed :-). Our blog has been a great introduction for me to programming and web design. I have been on a steep learning curve and now feel the time is right to introduce a few design changes.

I am constantly striving to learn all I can about this new medium in the hopes that we may better be able to communicate to you. My greatest thanks goes to my loving wife Gabriella who has diligently provided support for me in my quest to develop this blog and hone my skills. She continues to teach and inspire me in spite of my ignorance and stubborn nature – Thanks, I love you. (My wife says I am turning into a geek.) I would also like to thank Jo Bind for his innovative and inspiring blog Kiwi Tracks. And, thanks to all those talented, artistic, creative folks who have selflessly provided insight into how things work!

I have already implemented some changes. You may notice when you click on an image it will now load a larger version of the image as an overlay onto the page. Also, once a larger image is loaded you may step through all the photos in that post or view each image by itself as you read through the post. I have added some handy instructions for handling the images in the sidebar in case your memory is as faulty as mine, although I am sure you will figure out how it works.

I am currently working on a few other design changes which you may notice as you check back with our blog. Many changes are subtle, but I do hope to add a couple of exciting features in the near future – no, I won’t tell you what those features are – you’ll just have to watch and see.