A big storm finally arrived late last night and brought with it our first snow of the season here in Christchurch. It rained hard last night, and early this morning everything grew quiet, a sure sign of falling snow! I opened the front door when I got up this morning and was greated by large fluffy snowflakes kissing my face. Snow fell on and off all day, and temperatures hovered around 0-1 degree Celsius. The ground was not quite cold enough for the snow to stick, especially on any paved surface; but, on rooftops and bare ground the snow laid down a beautiful white blanket. This is pretty neat, considering that we live at an elevation of 9 meters above sea level. I went for a walk this morning around town to see what the city looked like. What a relief to not have to get up every hour on the hour to shovel snow from the driveway!

Centre City, Christchurch

Our neighbor’s obligatory snowman.

Hagley Park looking northeast towards Riccarton Avenue.

The intersection of Hagley Avenue and Riccarton Avenue.

The Antigua Boat Sheds along the Avon River.

The kitchen garden at The Curator’s House.

At the Botanic Gardens looking from The Curator’s House towards the Canterbury Museum.

The Botanic Gardens.

Looking east along Worcester Street towards Christchurch Cathedral in Cathedral Square.

A photogenic telephone booth. Don’t laugh. There are folks out there with a passion for telephone booths.

Christchurch Cathedral, Cathedral Square

Looking west down Cashel Street from Oxford Terrace.

This was foul weather, at least for this pair of Putangitangi, the Paradise Shelduck.