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On Saturday Gaby and I took a bus to Lyttelton because they have a farmer’s market we wanted to check out. We have looked around for farmer’s markets in Christchurch and check them out when we can. We bought a loaf of fresh baked bread and some organic tomatoes (which look like a version of roma) and then headed off to explore Lyttelton before taking the bus back home.

We decided to take the ferry across Lyttelton harbor to Diamond Harbour, a small settlement atop the bluffs. We walked around a little park and then took a look at a garden shop at the top of a hill.

Lyttelton Harbour is just south southeast from Christchurch

Our ferry boat ride.

View of Diamond Harbour from a hole in a shed

Diamond Harbour nestled between bluffs.

A park adjacent to the ferry landing.

A curios dog.


Striking orange flower.