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Today Gaby and I visited the Riccarton Bush, here in Christchurch. Riccarton Bush is one of the last remaining remnants of podocarp forest which once covered the Canterbury Plain. Riccarton Bush is an old homestead which also contains the oldest building in Canterbury, Dean’s Cottage, built in 1840. It is great that interspersed between the homes of Christchurch are these small pockets of wilderness.

Dean’s Cottage, circa 1840

Gaby enjoys the path through the podocarp forest.

lots of twisted plants

patterns on leaves.

everybody twist

plant corkscrew

elevated pathway

umbilical cord.

podocarp canopy

pythons in the forest.

The cabbage patch. No, cabbage does not grow on trees, usually. These are called cabbage trees, some botonist type people put them in the lilly family, same as Joshua trees and Yucca, although that may now be up for debate.

inviting path

tree texture

cabbage tree


Gaby’s view from the bench