On 25 March, 2006, Gaby and I took a road trip north from Christchurch along highway 1 to the small town of Kaikoura. After visiting The Maori Leap Cave, we headed into Kaikoura and explored around the peninsula. We began with a walk along the Peninsular Walkway, which follows along the rugged coastline around the tip of the peninsula, then continues along the top of the cliff back to the carpark.

The beach is home to many southern fur seals, some of whom like to sleep on patches of seaweed.

I think this may be a seal skull.

These birds are shags

After completing the Peninsular Walk, we travelled just north of Kaikura along highway 1 to Ohau Point, a rookery for southern fur seals. There were many wee seals playing in the safety of the isolated tidal pools.

Just north of Ohau Point is the Ohau Stream walk, a ten minute hike from the road.

Hmm…I wonder what is above this waterfall?