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We left LAX late in the evening on Sunday, February 12 for Rarotonga. We had a short visit to the airport of Papeete (Tahiti) before arriving in Avarua, Rarotonga, The Cook Islands!

We stayed in a suite at Vara’s Beachhouse, about 10 km from the only city on the island, Avarua. Our accomadation was located high on a hill, away from the beach, where we could catch a breeze. When it blew, the breeze kept the hordes of mosquitos (or mozzies as they are called here) at bay. They loved Gaby, but I was their staple diet.
And..it was hot! 28-32 degress Celsious (80’s) doesn’t seem hot, until you realize that it rains just about every day on Rarotonga in the wet season.
When we at last made it to our room, I felt an irresistable urge to get out and do something, so I started walking to town, in shorts and flip-flops, 10 km…
After about 6 km I realized my mistake and from then on took the bus to town.

Gaby and I snorkled many times in the great reef that mostly surrounds the island. Unfortunately, last year saw many hurricanes hit the island, and it looked like the reef suffered.
Mostly we did absolutely nothing, but the island was just too interesting to not do anything at all.
One day we rented bikes and rode the circuit around the island, which is only 32 kms.

We found that produce grown on the island was really cheap, and everything else was really expensive, and the choice was not great. On the last evening we were on the island a new Indian restaurant opened which we tried it out.
While there were many squalls, there was rarely any lightning with the rain. One day while snorkeling a squall came through which was very refreshing.