We began the process of packing for our move during Christmas, 2005. After a little over a month of hard work itemizing and packing all of our belongings, the movers came to our apartment in Pasadena and picked up all of our boxes, plus our bikes, and loaded them into a moving van.

Watching the moving van drive away with our stuff was a relief, as it was now out of our hands. Later on the 8th of February we got word from our movers that all of our belongings (except our bikes) fit into just one of the large wooden crates that the shippers fill and then put into the large metal containers 🙂

The bikes will be shipped separately.

Hopefully, after two months, we will be able to contact our movers and they will show up with our belongings at our new place in Christchurch!

Our job was not yet finished though. We still had to clean out our appartment, sell our vehicle, and try to accomplish what seemed like a never ending mountain of paperwork and phone calls to wrap up all that we could on this end.

We both have tickets in hand and our plane leaves for Rarotonga on Sunday, February 12th, at 10:30 PM.

My personal goal is to find a coconut crab climbing a coconut palm and take a picture of it 🙂