These last few weeks have been a whirlwind of activity. I don’t remeber on day from the next, or what day it is. We’ve had to give up our beloved pets: my guinea pigs Salazar and Willie and Steven’s monitor Lizard Skynard. We’ve had to make interminable phone calls here, there and everywhere. And packing, and more packing. We’re selling some of our things, amazing how time consuming that can be. Steven quit his job last week, enough of the 14hr work days already! My last day at work is this friday, Feb 3d. Many things to do to help with the transition and so many people to say goodbye to! Well, we hope that a lot of those people will come and see us in our new home. We will be very happy to wave good bye to our stuff next wednesday, at least it’ll be out of our hands for a couple of months. – Gaby