Gabriella and I were married on January 5th, in Beverley Hills! I am a very lucky man to have Gabriella’s hand in marriage. We both look forward to sharing our lives as we put final preparations together for moving to Christchurch. We leave on February 12th for Rarotonga; however, we need to have all of our belongings packed and ready for the movers to pick up our things on February 8th!

For our honeymoon, we plan to spend a week on the island of Rarotonga, The Cook Islands, before flying on to New Zealand. We will be staying at Vara’s. Our plan is to recharge our batteries while relaxing on a beautiful island. We hope to recover from our hectic, stressful time of packing and planning, before we reach Christurch and have to hit the ground at a full run!

We leave Rarotonga on February 20th and arrive in Christurch, New Zealand on February 21st. No, our flight is not at around midnight (although I believe we leave Rarotonga in the small hours of the day). It’s a short flight, but the Cook Islands are located just east of the International Dateline, so, our flight of only a few hours will put us into the next day!