I’ve added a link to my future employer’s website. NIWA is the National Institute of Water and Atmospherics, and I will be working with the Catchment Processes and Water Resources group. I will be doing software for them, everything from database
front ends to data integration, to web data publishing. It sounds very interesting and challenging and I am very excited.
We were not expecting for me to get such a great job so fast, hence our scrambling now. We plan to fly out Feb 12 and
catch our breath and have a bit of a honeymoon on Rarotonga (Cook Islands), before we hit Chch and have to scramble to
get settled in. I am supposed to start at my new job on March 13!.
I had to also add a link to the Chch caving group, of course! I’ve met some of the cavers last year when I visited Chch for the
first time, and it’ll be nice to know we will have some friendly contacts when we get there. – Gaby